Recycling for Good Causes

colourful knitted peruvian cardigans

As you may know, Rainbow Turtle is a charity but our shop isn’t a traditional charity shop. Everything we sell is new, and has been produced or grown by people who are paid fairly for their work, and are often the people most in need in the world.

This means that everything you buy at Rainbow Turtle – from tea and coffee to jewellery and toys – helps people all over the world.

charity recycling box

But did you know our charity can still benefit from donations of your unwanted items? Instead of selling them on, we collect your old phones, laptops, jewellery (even costume or broken jewellery), foreign or UK currency (including out of circulation coins and notes), gadgets like sat navs and MP3 players, and used stamps, and send them off to Recycling for Good Causes. In return, we get a cheque for Rainbow Turtle!