Crowdfunder for Fair Trade Suppliers

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum have today launched a Crowdfunder to raise money for Fair Trade suppliers and retailers, ourselves included, to give us a better chance of surviving the Coronavirus pandemic. As most of you will know, we’ve had to close the shop entirely during these worrying times and so we’ve lost a lot of money and our future is currently insecure. The SFTF say:

Fair Trade suppliers across Scotland are the backbone of our campaign for justice, equity and sustainability in trade. Today, we are launching a fundraising appeal to support them through these difficult times. Can you help us support them? Any contribution, no matter how small, will make real differences to keeping Fair Trade shops and suppliers alive in our communities.

To donate, visit the Crowdfunder page here. We know that finances are tight for most of us right now, but a contribution of any size will help us, and other Fair Trade shops and suppliers like us in Scotland, to come out the other side of this in a better position. In doing so we’ll also be able to do more to support the producers – the real reason that we do any of this – by placing orders for goods like we normally would. Even just sharing the Crowdfunder will help a great deal. Thank you!