Volunteers’ Week 2020

It’s Volunteers’ Week this week, a time to celebrate the amazing contribution volunteers make and giving an opportunity to say thank you. The Rainbow Turtle shop and charity wouldn’t be able to function without our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, and we really do thank each and every one of you for everything that you do. Even though Rainbow Turtle isn’t able to carry out most of what we do right now, our volunteers are still keeping our spirits up with their lovely emails and video chats, and lots of ideas for the future. Thank you!

Under more normal circumstances we would have organised something this week to thank our volunteers properly – last year we had a lovely night of sandwiches, cake, and chatter! – but of course that’s not possible right now. We hope to be back together very soon, and we can postpone our celebrations until then.


Volunteers’ Tasting Event

As part of our efforts to work more closely with Paisley-based fair trade organisation, JTS, we recently hosted a tasting event for Rainbow Turtle volunteers in our Paisley shop. JTS import and distribute fair trade products from around the world, many of which are on sale in our shop on Gauze Street.

Tracy Mitchell from JTS brought a selection of Eswatini jams and chutneys and Ukuva sauces. She talked about the difference that we make to the lives of the producers when we buy their products. We learned of the difficulties that these small producers have in making and distributing their foods, often from land locked countries. We heard how JTS has to overcome complex logistical problems from international banking systems, transport issues and UK health and safety regulations. More importantly we were able to taste these delicious foods lightly spread on oat cakes and gluten free crackers.

My favourite definitely has to be the Ukuva Peri Peri Sauce mixed in with cottage cheese (or for those on a dairy free diet mixed in with an oat cream cheese) on an oat cake. Mmm… mmm… Also available was Ukuva’s Chermoula Sauce which is currently JTS‘ flavour of the month and profiled in one of our latest blogs.